Adult Volunteer Award


What inspired you to volunteer with LuskinOIC?

“Mama embedded in me a desire to pursue and advocate for my sueñitos con corazon (dreams with heart) at a young age. Caring for my mother and family as we experienced health issues in regards to access, financially attainable, and culturally inclusive care meant navigating the U.S healthcare system very early on in life. I saw my own struggles reflect a bigger inequality my community faced in healthcare. My sueñito took form and I decided to dedicate myself to expanding current healthcare systems, uplifting, and designing services specifically for monolingual, low-income, immigrant families like my own. Today, I continue to seek every opportunity to speak for my family’s dreams, my community’s needs and my vision to make healthcare services accessible to all, regardless of citizenship or socioeconomic status. Today, I continue to address health disparities and center underserved communities in conversations regarding health and wellbeing while pursuing a degree in Human Biology at Stanford University.”

Most memorable moments while volunteering?

“Traveling hours by bus to arrive at a clinic in the border town of Calexico with the LuskinOIC team, shadowing doctors throughout the day, and bringing Ozzie to life before dozens of patients is a memory I hold very close to my heart. Volunteering with LuskinOIC has been a transformative journey and the experiences I’ve been afforded here has evermore reaffirmed my commitment to provide medical care as an aspiring physician.”

Why do you think LuskinOIC’s work is so vital to the community?

“LuskinOIC’s impact extends beyond providing specialized care in pediatric orthopedics, more so, it exerts a commitment to education, research, and the lives of all patients and families who walk through their doors–something truly special! As an Orthopedic Hospital Medical Magnet High School Alumni, I am excited to continue LuskinOIC’s proud tradition and have the opportunity to empower inner city highschool students, many to be first-generation highschool & college graduates in the near future, through college access programming and mentorship as part of the Educate 2 Elevate Mentorship Initiative. I am truly fortunate to have had LuskinOIC’s support and community over the years to drive my vision of care that extends beyond clinic doors.”

Why is volunteering your time, talent, and resources important – even life changing – and why should other be animated to do so?

“Over the last six years, I have traversed through LuskinOIC as a volunteer, intern, Bonter Scholar and committee member. Again and again I am reminded of the importance and power of community–making the care provided to hundreds of patients everyday possible. La unión hace la fuerza. Unity makes strength. I firmly believe that every individual is a valuable asset in the LuskinOIC team and its mission to grant children the gift to grow and play well.”