Cerebral Palsy Summer Camp 2023

Date: 08/31/2023


The excitement was palpable inside the Luck Family Conference Center at LuskinOIC’s inaugural summer camp for children with Cerebral Palsy. This three-day adventure, held August 2–4, proved a memorable experience for both the campers and their families, which envisioned to not only engage attendees in many sports activities, but also to create core memories and foster a growing sense of community.




CP Camp Was A Blast!

We are pleased to report that the first-ever CP Camp in Los Angeles was a success, and are grateful for those that came to volunteer and participate. We look forward to providing another valuable experience and helpful resources to the CP community next year.



Benefitting Children

In the LuskinOIC spirit of improved patient outcomes and patient-centered care for all children, the planning for next year’s summer camp is already underway. We are grateful to provide them with major benefits that will help them overcome obstacles throughout their development into adulthood.



A Special Thank You

We would like to thank the Shapiro family for their continued support of LuskinOIC and the Center for Cerebral Palsy. As embodied by the camp, their enduring support pushes our mission’s reach forward. We’d also like to thank Board Director Craig Ehrlich for making the NIL partnership with UCLA student athletes a reality, as well as the athletes Angela and Camryn for coming out and spending time with our campers!


Another shoutout to everyone else who helped make this event come to life, such as Christine Caron, Rehabilitation Director of LuskinOIC, and all of our wonderful volunteers and parents showing support and standing by LuskinOIC’s mission of ensuring high-quality care for every child who needs it.



Join Us Next Time!


We have a variety of upcoming events in the works, so if you’d like to stay updated, make sure to follow our socials! If you’d like to know more on how to volunteer or be a part of our community, be sure to check out our link here.




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