Our Patient Ambassadors Are Pushing Their Own Frontiers

Get to know seven of our amazing patient ambassadors! Each patient ambassador has a different story but their resilience and heart unites them to be an inspiration for us all. Your support for the Stand for Kids Gala on June 10, 2023 promotes health equity for all the children that LuskinOIC serves everyday.
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was born with arthrogryposis, a rare condition that left her with limitations in her arms, deformities in her knees, and severe clubfoot. At just 3 years old, Lunely came to LuskinOIC and was appointed to Dr. Scaduto and Dr. Silva. Under their expert care, Lunely underwent multiple surgeries and bilateral casting. Because of the exceptional care offered at LuskinOIC, Lunely is now starting to mobilize with the help of a walker and has gained some independence.




was born with her twin brother via emergency
C-section at 32 weeks. At 6 months old, Scarlett had a brain MRI which revealed Moderate Central Brain Atrophy. Scarlett was appointed to Dr. Rachel Thompson who not only treated her butalso got to know her interests such as her dream of owning a bakery, her love for singing, and that her favorite princess is Aurora. Dr. Thompson did a bilateral reconstruction of the pelvis, hips, and knees. After a long and painful recovery, Scarlett states that “it was all worth it” and was grateful for Dr. Thompson and LuskinOIC.



was born with multiple deformities in her feet and spine and had neurological problems. Obtaining the care she needed was difficult in her home country, until they found LuskinOIC’s International Children’s Program. She was promptly evaluated and began treatment in our clubfoot clinic for her bilateral feet deformity. With the help of LuskinOIC, Valentina’s dream of becoming a veterinarian, as well as one day visiting New York City, can truly happen.




was born with congenital scoliosis, a severe spine deformity. When Victoria was 3 years old, her family was informed that, if left untreated, the deformity would likely lead to cardiac and respiratory issues and extreme pain. For the past three years, she came to LuskinOIC every three months to have her legs placed in a cast. Progressing very well, soon, she will be able to undergo a magnetic lengthening surgery.





is in kindergarten, a great student, and loves talking with friends. Because he tends to finish his classwork very quickly, his teacher asks him to help his classmates. He loves it! He has been an ICP patient for 1 year. In January 2023, his first surgery in January 2023 aimed to correct a leg deformity. LuskinOIC CEO Dr. Scaduto will continue to monitor the correction so that Mateo can continue to grow, learn, and play with friends.





has been an ICP patient for 5 years. LuskinOIC doctors had followed her spine deformity progression twice a year. Due to rapid progression, Dr. Bowen decided to perform surgery in October 2022. The surgery has been a life changing event and Allison no longer feels pain. There is evident correction of the spine and her mom shares that Allison feels more confident in school. Having recently started dancing classes at school, she looks forward to dancing with her friends in the upcoming spring recital.




has been a patient for 4 years due to significant tibia rotation, knee deformity, and leg length discrepancy. As a result, she experienced difficulty walking and overall limited mobility. Due to worsening pain, and after gait analysis carried out at the UCLA Motion Laboratory, Dr. Thompson performed a surgery in 2020. For her recovery, she received a reverse walker, as well braces and physical therapy. She is now able to walk to the park, play with her brother and friends, and be more independent at school. Karen loves coloring and dreams of becoming a veterinarian.



We are incredibly proud of each patient that comes through our doors and will share more of their stories throughout the year. Our Stand for Kids Gala is happening on June 10, 2023 at Universal Studios.
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