Part Coach. Part Therapist. All Heart.

Date: 04/23/2021

OT Ruby Shin with patient

Part Coach. Part Therapist. All Heart.

Get to Know Our PTs & OTs, and Why Our Pediatric Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Center Is One of LA’s Best.

From two-week-old infants to 18-year-old patients, our dedicated team of Occupational and Physical Therapists are ensuring that all kids everywhere have the chance to grow well and play well.

Led by Department Director Christine Caron, PT, DPT, our world-class team brings patience, poise, and expertise needed to help children in some of their most difficult moments. Our Pediatric Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Center excels in PT which specializes in gross motor functions – aka walking, climbing, balance, as well as OT which demands more attention and finesse due to the fine motor skill focus. This dynamic team sees patients with cerebral palsy, high functioning autism, kids with sensory perception disorders, development impairments, congenital issues, and overuse injuries (which is happening lately due to a decondition during the pandemic – sadly our kids haven’t done anything in a while, then they go out and play and get injured. It’s not just about expertise, with OIC’s team, it’s all about the kids. 

“At OIC, we have the ability to focus on quality, due to being nonprofit, our therapists spend time on your kids,” said Caron. “We get to know them, their quirks, to figure out their motivation for getting better and get them involved in their treatment. That is very important to success. Motivation must be on their level and has to be fun for them!  Motivation ranges from wanting to tie their own shoes, to wanting to get better from a sprain so they can play basketball, to being able to walk, when others said you probably will never walk again.”

Ruby Shin, OT, CHT knows this well. As an expert in braces, as well as being a certified hand therapist, she sees the power of children every single day. “We work together to get better; I use my understanding and medical expertise to help them develop and improve, they use their will and belief in themselves,” said Shin. “We are with our patients at every stage of their therapy and celebrate along with them. 

So whether your child was injured playing the sport they love or was born with a medical condition—like muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, or hip dysplasia—making everyday tasks difficult, our team can help your child achieve a fully active and playful life.

At OIC, your child will not just receive orthopaedic rehabilitation from dedicated specialists in pediatric orthopaedic physical and occupational therapy, but they will do so in our state-of-the-art pediatric orthopaedic rehabilitation center offering specialty equipment enabling our team to provide individualized treatment plans to get your child back on the path to being active again. It’s that level of care and commitment that has made OIC’s Pediatric Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Center, one of LA’s best.

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