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We love when kids stay active. And we’re passionate about helping young athletes recover from injuries and get back to their sport as quickly and safely as possible. At the LuskinOIC Center for Sports Medicine, our goal is to ensure your child’s recovery sets up long-term success and positions them to achieve their maximum potential.

Why Choose LuskinOIC for Sports Medicine?

We specialize in helping young athletes get back in the game, whether that’s team sports like soccer or football, individual sports like skateboarding or gymnastics, or PE class in school – by tailoring our treatments to each child’s unique needs. Our approach goes beyond treating tendonitis or meniscus tears and providing physical therapy. We address all aspects of our patients’ journey to recovery, including:

  • Providing expert clinical care
  • Making sure young athletes understand what it will take to return to their activity—and helping them get there
  • Helping prevent further injury or re-injury

The Spirit of Teamwork

LuskinOIC works directly with local coaches, athletic trainers and medical staff to create partnerships between schools and our Center for Sports Medicine. These partnerships lead to fewer injuries and faster recoveries for student athletes in our communities. They also help ensure that when injuries occur kids have access to the care they need, often starting with orthopaedic urgent care.


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The Center for Sports Medicine

Injuries happen to even the best athletes, like college and pro players. But they can be even more frustrating when you’re a child. There are physical and psychological impacts of injuries on children – missing out on the fun of sports, missing their friends and companionship on the field, feeling like they are missing out or getting behind. At LuskinOIC we understand each young athlete is unique and work to get them back in the game quickly and safely by providing expert orthopedic sports medicine care, tailored for kids and teens.

The LuskinOIC Center for Sports Medicine treats children and young athletes with all types of pediatric sports injuries and conditions, from meniscus and ligament tears to tendonitis and dislocation, and more.

LuskinOIC’s Urgent Care Center

Offering More Specialized Care than an Emergency Room with 50% Shorter Wait Times

When young athletes go to a general emergency room with an orthopaedic injury, they are treated by physicians and staff who are experts in emergency medicine, not necessarily pediatric orthopaedic injuries. By taking your child to an urgent care center exclusively focused on pediatric orthopaedics, you can count on:

  • An expert diagnosis
  • Optimal treatment
  • A safe and quick recovery that heals correctly

Patients treated at LuskinOIC’s Urgent Care Center have access to a variety of specialized services:

  • Private rooms for highly sensitive kids
  • Creation of treatment plans including bracing and exercise programs
  • Expedited reduction of dislocation and fractures
  • Same-day surgery, if needed
  • Specialty and follow-up appointments with orthopaedic sports medicine experts
  • Physical therapists trained in pediatric orthopaedic care

Our Sports Medicine Experts

Our Sports Medicine Experts


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