Pediatric Urgent Care Featured on KRCA

Date: 03/18/2020

KRCA, Channel 62 LA interviewed OIC’s Medical Director Mauricio Silva, M.D. during OIC’s grand opening of the new pediatric orthopaedic Urgent Care Center.

Learn more about OIC’s Urgent Care Center, including parking, directions, and what to bring.

OIC – Grand Opening – KRCA

English Translation
News Announcer: And now, Noticias 62 live at 11 o’clock.

Residents in South Los Angeles received very good news today. A medical emergency center had its grand opening, where the whole community can get treatment. Alberto Godinez interviewed patients and the head of the clinic. Alberto, tell us how things went.

Alberto Godinez: Thank you and good evening. The good news is not only for the patients in the area; this place opens its doors and its heart to children from all over the world.


Alberto Godinez: The Luskin Orthopaedic Institute for Children is in celebration. The big news has been announced with music, smiles and applause: the extension of the clinic. In times when at a national level the undocumented are rejected, here they are welcome.

Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles: This gives us a very powerful message that borders cannot divide us. They are part of a united world, especially here, in Los Angeles, where all people belongs.

Alberto Godinez Voiceover: Many hours of commitment, many years of building and a 20 million-dollar investment were all that it took to open this hospital expansion which welcomes all
patients such as Yvonne Valvez, who lives in Mexicali.

Yvonne Valvez: They help me because I was born with no legs.

Alberto Godinez: So now you have legs? Can you walk now? How do you feel?

Yvonne Valvez: I feel great.

Alberto Godinez: Can you run?

Yvonne Valvez: Yes.

Alberto Godinez: Are you naughty?

Yvonne Valvez: Yeah.

Alberto Godinez: The clinic has the latest technology. Here there is treatment for all orthopaedic issues that a child can have. No matter their migratory status.

Dr. Mauricio Silva, OIC Medical Director: Right now, around 25,000 patients are seen every year in the emergency center and 60,000 patients in general at the hospital.

Alberto Godinez: Doctors, medicine and surgery. For more information, please call area code 213-742-1000. That’s all from me. I’m Alberto Godinez reporting from Los Angeles. Noticias 62. Your city, your team.

News Announcer: Thank you, Alberto. Good evening.