Ozzie puts a smile on everyone’s face

Our mascot Ozzie brings the spirit of LuskinOIC to life

Brightening Your Child’s Visit With a New Friend

Ozzie brings cheer to every child

Ozzie, a fun-loving red dragon, is the official mascot and the spirit of LuskinOIC. He’s been spreading joy to help make every child’s visit a little brighter since his birth on April 4, 2014. Every week, Ozzie visits patients in our downtown location and outpatient facility where he is able to provide a fun distraction, helping our patients stay positive and happy. Ozzie’s upbeat personality brings a welcomed relief to children and parents, putting smiles on everyone’s face during their stay. Ozzie also makes an appearance several times a year at our Santa Monica location for special events. So when your child visits LuskinOIC, be sure to say hi to Ozzie.


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