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Questions to ask about your child’s appointment

Our physicians love it when you ask questions. It’s good to be informed so you and your child can get the answers you need. To help understand what you can to do to actively participate in the treatment and recovery journey, here are some common questions:

  • What will treatment look like for my child?
  • Will my child need physical therapy?
  • Will the treatment process be painful for my child? If so, how can I help with pain management?
  • How might this injury impact my child in the future?
  • What does follow-up care involve?
  • Will this injury impact my child’s future growth or mobility in any way?
  • What if the provider I want my child to see does not have any openings for several months?
  • Will I still be seen if I do not have a referral?
  • If my child is a return patient and we need to have x-rays taken prior to the appointment, do we go straight to outpatient radiology?

Preparing for Specialty Appointments

When preparing for your child’s appointment, here is some information that is specific to some of our specialties.

Questions to Ask about Your Child’s Urgent Care Visit

Our doctors encourage asking questions at your visit. The answers can help you and your child understand what you’ll need to do to actively participate in their recovery journey. Common questions include:

  • Will my child need surgery to treat their injury? If so, what are the risks of this procedure?
  • Will my child need to wear a cast during recovery? For how long?
  • Based on our lifestyle and activities, what cast care tips do you recommend for my child and me to keep in mind?
  • Are there any activities my child should avoid during recovery?
  • What does follow-up care involve?
  • What are emergency signs that I should look for between now and the next visit?
  • How can I help my child manage any pain during recovery?
  • Will this injury impact my child’s future growth or mobility in any way?

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