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Meet Efrain

The Centers for Disease Control estimate that 5 of every 10,000 babies are born with a limb deficiency. 

At the LuskinOIC Limb Deficiency Clinic, families turn to our award-winning physicians so their children can gain greater independence, grow well and play well.

Efrain Ordoñez, age 10, came to LuskinOIC earlier this year.  Like the vast majority of the thousands of children who turn to LuskinOIC every year, Efrain is underinsured and his parents struggled to find a place where they would be cared for by a welcoming and highly-skilled team.

During his initial exam, Efrain and his parents listened intently as Dr. Scaduto explained what rotationplasty would involve; the severing of the femur bone, permanently rotating the leg 180 degrees, and reattaching the bone so the foot faces backwards.  Once healed, his foot would tuck into a prosthesis, with the ankle joint acting as his knee.  To put him at ease, Dr. Scaduto introduced him to LuskinOIC’s patient, Jose Luis, who had the same procedure. Efrain and his family were all in!  Weeks later, Drs. Scaduto and Bernthal successfully conducted the surgery.

Efrain embarked on a rigorous physical therapy regimen to strengthen his hip, leg, and foot.  Next, he was fitted for a state-of-the-art prosthesis and Efrain started a new PT regimen to work on his gait.

Today, for the first time in his life, Efrain is standing tall in so many ways; he is walking on two feet, using both legs, without the use of a crutch.

Like most of our cases, Efrain’s surgery, therapies, clinic visits, and prostheses will not be fully covered by insurance.  That’s where our donors and partners like Exela Technologies come in!  We are fortunate to have companies like Exela in our corner and by the side of kids like Efrain.

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